Monday, August 17, 2009

Welcome to my blog for Flowers for Royal Weddings

Hello and Welcome! My name is Terry, and I was encouraged by my brother to create a blog about whatever interested me the most. Also, I saw Julie and Julia this weenkend which helped give me the nudge that blogging could be fun and a great way to share my ideas with the world.

My favorite thing to do is work with flowers. I was a career floral designer for over 15 years, and specialized in wedding flowers. Currently, I am not working full time in the industry... about 4 years ago, the economic climate and a need for a normal work schedule ruled, so I left flowers for a desk job. I am truly greatful for having a job, a good job, in the current economic confusion. But, there are times when I have to get my hands back on the flowers in order to stay sane.

My main focus as a floral designer was weddings. I have studied vintage pictures of brides carrying their bouquets, followed the trends in the major magazines, and tried to put something of myself in many or the bridal bouquets I have created.

Simply the most inspiring to me are the bouquets carried by the royal brides of the British and European royal families. I will go on record as saying that the bouquet of Diana Princess of Wales, to me is the epitome of bridal bouquets. But, my all time favorite, for it's precision construction, floral content, and overall look is the boquet carried by Sarah, The Dutchess of York.

I wont let my first post go on so long.... I wanted to open with a general description of me and my interest in the subject. I hope to hear from flower lovers, floral designers, Royal enthusiasts, or anyone interested in this narrow, though interesting topic... interesting to me anyway.

I would like to hear what others think, and do invite floral designers to leave a post and add a pic of your floral work, especially bridal bouquets, corsages/boutonnieres, ceremony/altar work, etc. Thanks for taking time to check out my blog.

The attached picture at the top of this post is a bouquet I created for my sister-in-law, the wedding was way back in 2002... but, it still remains one of my favorite and most meaningful pieces of work.



  1. It's an honor to say, "I do" wish to follow your blog! You will be the joy and blessing of every bride who desires a royal wedding as they prepare for their magical day! I can only imagine how many young and old brides will request your works of art for that special day.

  2. Those flowers are lovely. Welcome to the blogosphere!

  3. Nannette and Andy, thanks for your comments and welcoming me to the blogshpere.

    I was so excited to get the word our yesterday, that when I sent the announcement, I forgot to send the link along with it! Hope everyone is able to find me now.

    Reminds me of the time, working in San Francisco, that I got about 25 miles away from the shop, heading down towards Redwood City, CA ... when I realized we had forgotten, you guessed it, the bridal bouquet! Thank the good Lord that I always planned wedding deliveries with as much extra time as possible. The driver with me, Timmy was his name, took it in stride, we rushed back to the store, I popped in, got the bouquet, and rushed out before my Saturday staff even knew I returned. All went well this that wedding if I remember correctly, it has been rougly 10-12 years ago.

    Anyway... that brings me to an interesting topic, concerning missing bridal bouquets... so this blog will turn somewhat towards it's intended purpose...

    Did you know, that the bouquet made for Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Elizabeth when she married Prince Phillip in 1947, went missing after the ceremony? Yes, I have this first hand from a great friend in England, Mr. David Longman or Longmans Ltd. of London. Mr. Longman designed the bridal bouquets for many royal brides. Mr. Longman explained that once back at Buckingham Palace, the Princess's bouquet was misplaced, suspectedly by an errant palace staff member. If you notice in the wedding pictures taken on the day of the wedding the princess is not holding her bouguet. However, there are pictures in the throne room of Princess E and Prince P. when the bouguet is present. As the royal couple passed back through London on their honeymoon, wedding apparel was donned yet again and an official photo taken using a replica/duplicate of the bouquet, made by Longmans's Ltd. A lot to go through to get that official portrait made!

    I have lots more interesting tidbits to share with you all, from my correspondence with David Longman. We are occasional email pen-pals, and I have been blessed by knowing him after being a fan of his work for so many years.

    thanks for checking in the let me hear what you think. Terry.

  4. I'm honored that my flowers made your first posting.
    Happy Birthday!

  5. Thanks so much for everyone's incouragement. And Ellen, it is my pleasure to have your bouquet as my first blog pic.

    Ellen's bouquet consisted of the following...
    orange flame calla lilies
    orange freesia
    peach tone ranunculus
    amber spray roses
    carnival roses (yellow/orange variegated)
    Sahara roses (the beige roses)
    Gardenia Foliage and Palmetto fronds from the garden of the Mother of the Groom.

    The groom wore a boutonniere of a single Gardenia, accented with silk lily of the valley, all wrapped with ivory satin ribbon. The lily of the valley and ribbon were momentos kept from the Groom's mothers bridal bouquet from her wedding in Nov. 1964.

    I always like to have some sort of heirloom or "memory piece" in the bouquets I make for relatives. Something that makes the bridal bouquet more than just a bunch of flowers the bride happens to be wearing.

    Thanks, Terry.

  6. Hi Everyone, I see that I have a new follower today, Vicente Fernandez. Thanks for hopping on the royal wedding flower blog, welcome.