Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day Four

Thanks for visiting the blog, it's my birthday, and of course, I am at work, not too much work right this minute, but will be getting to it soon.

Posting a pic today of my favorite royal bridal bouquet, that of Sarah Dutchess of York. The bouquet was designed by Mr. David Longman, and created by the designers at Longmans Ltd. of London. Mr. Longman was most kind to share with me the sketches he presented to the Dutchess prior to the wedding. The original design called for an "S" shaped bouquet, to contain white flowers with virtually no greenery/foliage... I believe the combination was Lily of the Valley, gardenias, lilies, freesia, ect. A similar comibnation of flowers were used for the headpiece that the Dutchess wore for most of the wedding ceremony. The flowers were removed late in the ceremony after the vows were exchanged... after she became Dutchess of York... to reveal an heirloom tiara. Enjoy the pic, and please feel free to share any comments, or facts/knowledge you might have about this particular wedding.

Thanks, Terry.

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