Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day Two of Flowers for Royal Weddings Blog

Hell Everyone, well, day two, and I am really looking forward to sharing ideas, and pictures of wedding flowers and flowers in general. I am attaching a pic of a simple but wonderful flower arrangement I made at home this weekend.

I was in a serious funk about work and thought that some fresh flowers in the house would be just the ticket to lift my spirits, and I was right. They don't have to be expensive, nor does the arrangement have to be complicated and intense. These alstromeria were available at the local grocery store and looked to be in good condition (for grocery store flowers).

Currently, my floral design style leans toward profusion. Lots of the same flower massed in a vase gives a really favorable impact in my opinion. Enjoy the pic and I invite you to try this arrangement at home. Take a picture of your arrangement and post it on the blog here for everyone to see.

Next time I sign back on, I hope to tell you all about how I came to contact David Longman, the designer of the boquets carried by Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson.

Thanks for visiting the blog! Terry

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