Saturday, August 29, 2009

August 29, 2009

It's been a fun filled action packed weekend. A trip to the old homestead to help Mother with some chores, a visit with Daddy, and a road trip back, just in time to take in some sun and fun on the beach with Stan and Peggy.
While at Mother's, I dug out her wedding album and will be able to scan some more of those pics to share with you all.
Remember my mother's wedding picture for the newspaper? that was a couple of posts ago... the white bible with orchids and Lily of the Valley for her bouquet... It is reminiscent of the bouquet carried by Princess Grace of Monaco. Princess Grace's bouquet was a very simple cluster of what looks like to be all Lily of the Valley ( I am betting they were real flowers) attached to a white prayer book, a prayer book, not the Bible, I am assuming since Princess Grace's wedding was a Roman Catholic wedding. I think it's a great classic look, simple, and with great religious significance. Lily of the Valley, in Victorian era floral symbolics are said to represent the tears of the Virgin Mary. Attached as they are to a prayer book, very meaningful. I have made a couple of these types of bouquets in my career. Basically it's an over sized corsage, made as flat as possible on the back. I used a wider piece of ribbon (#9 size) to tie the floral cluster to the book. Don't use a tiny bouquet holder here! I have heard of designer tried this and pretty much ruined the heirloom Bible with the excess water that escaped the oasis as the flowers were inserted. Not something you want to have to tell a bride on her wedding day... "By the way, I ruined your grandmothers Bible with water and Oasis sludge while making your bouquet!"
Royal Wedding Tidbit for the day... Grace Kelly traveled to Monaco on a yacht to marry Prince Rainier III, the voyage across the Atlantic Ocean lasted eight days.

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  1. Great job on the blog. Your knowledge of royal family trivia is most interesting!