Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 12 - Friday, August 28, 2009

Hi Everyone, I am off to visit the folks today after work and will be without my new wonderful laptop, so I thought I better go ahead and blog now so I can use a high speed computer... things are still a little behind the times at Mother's house as far as computers go.

After yesterdays blog about Mother's bouquet, I decided to continue on the them today and talk about fully wired bouquets. They are hard to come by these days in America. With the advent of the plastic and oasis bouquet holders, and the trend toward tied nosegays ( thanks Martha Stewart!) a fully wired bouquet is truly rare to see in these parts.

In my career I think I have done less than a dozen. Brides weren't really interested in the construction techniques when they came to choose their bouquet during a consultation. However, on a couple of occasions, the style chosen from my portfolio lended itself to wiring, so I did it anyway, and never got a complaint. I am really big on floral mechanics, the safer and sounder the better. In my time, I have had a stem or two slip out of the oasis, so I know the frustration. Working so much in the south with the terrible heat... bouquet holders are favored because of the built in water supply. Hand tied nosegays can also stay in a vase, drinking water until the last minute. And of course there is the labor intensity of a totally wired bouquet that can be a sure turn off to any designer when large and multiple wedding orders are looming in one weekend.

But, having a wired bouquet automatically creates some sort of keepsake, as everything is pretty much permanently attached... all together. the tape, wire, ribbon, decorative sprays (if any are used at all) and the heartier foliage's can dry out and leave a bouquet in it's close to original form, well sort of. I for one would really like to see the trend/style in bouquets go back toward this traditional, vintage style. I really leaves something of a keepsake (so important in my family (yesterdays blog was about this)) to hang onto... well, if you're into that sort of thing.

The picture in today's post is billed as being a wired bouquet on the Internet. I did not make this bouquet, nor did I take the picture. It cam from Google Images, I believe it was made by Joanna Brenton of Rafflesia Wedding Flowers, in Cornwall, England. I give her credit for this bouquet here, hoping that I wont get in trouble for using the image. I think this bouquet is one of my favorites for the colors and flower content shape, and overall design... lovely. If anyone has an objection to me using the photo, please let me know and I will remove it immediately. Thanks, Terry.

Royal Wedding Tidbit for today...The wedding of Princess Anne to Captain Mark Phillips on November 11, 1973 was the first royal wedding to be televised. They were married in Westminster Abbey, London. Princess Anne was given the prestigious title of Anne The Princess Royal in 1987 by her mother, Queen Elizabeth II, in recognition and appreciation for the Princess's work with charitable causes in the Great Britain and the Commonwealth of Nations.

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