Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Here is the picture of the day, the wedding of the Duke and Dutches of Kent on November 29, 1934. The wedding took place at Westminster Abbey, and I believe I am correct in say that the picture here was taken inside Buckingham Palace. Well, so much for my sermon on British weddings looking better because not everyone coordinated too much. The flowers are the same, the attendants' dresses are the same... same, same, same. Striking here is that The Duke is the only male in the picture. Certainly he had a supporter (best man), but obviously wasn't asked to pose for this photo. The Duchess, Princess Marina of Greece is the bride. Another picture I have seen shows her bouquet in more detail, and it appears to be all lilies. Most noticeable here is the young flower girl on the right. I am certain that this is Princess Elizabeth, future Queen Elizabeth II.

Even though that are all pretty much the same, I love the bouquets. They appear to be all white flowers, but who can tell, they may be pink in this sepia tone photo. Again, all the attendants are wearing white as well. Interesting concept. I remember that in the early '90's here in the US, for a while I saw the trend of brides maids wearing white as well as the bride, or an ivory tone gown. I like the look, but mostly for a very formal wedding... which I am assuming this one was a very formal wedding.

I think my next project for arranging will be to recreate a bouquet similar to these. With the economy the way it is, I can't splurge too much, so hopefully there will be some white carnations available this weekend. We have lots of springeri fern growing in the garden to act as my trailing foliage. I haven't wired an entire bouquet in quite some time, so I am sure it will be tough going at first. I promise to post a pic, no matter how it turns out.

Royal Wedding tidbit for the day... The bridegroom in the above picture, Prince George Duke of Kent, sadly died in 1942 in a plane crash in Scotland. His younger brother Albert would become King George VI, after their eldest brother David (Edward VIII) abdicated in 1936.

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