Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day 6 - Weeky Arrangement

Here I am at day 6 of the blog. It's Saturday, so I have created another arrangement for home. I am still thinking that this is a great way to lift the spirits, as well as keeping my hands on floral design. We have a Fresh Market store here on the island. Today they had an exceptional selection of fresh flowers. I chose Vendella roses (ivory) and pink roses, as well as pale yellow stock and one of my all time favorites, white carnations. I think that my love of white carnations is a carry over from my designing days at Rossi & Rovetti Flowers in San Francisco. At that particular store we what seemed like hundreds of funeral set pieces based with white carnations. We always had several bunches on hand. I like their clean and traditional look as well as the slightly sweet almost creamy fragrance.
The foliage used here is what a former employer of mine called "exotic yardsavaria", his very classy term for stuff you cut out of the yard! Thanks Billy for that inspirational term. So, I went out in the yard and cut some standard fern, variegated ligustrum, and a few snipets of what my grandmother always call "Wandering Jew". The purple tones in the Wandering Jew really compliment the pink roses.
So, this is the look I really prefer in wedding work... soft tones accented with foliage with a bit of variegation, plus, very important to me, the blending of textures, from the flat fern with it's pods of spores on the reverse side of the fronds to the waxy look of the ligustrum, and the fuzzy coat of the Wandering Jew. Again, in this arrangement as in last weeks, I went for a profusion of blossoms arranged tightly together, giving is a more lush and full effect. Thanks to Stan for letting me use his Trifle bowl once again as a container!
Royal Wedding tidbit for today...On her wedding day, Queen Victoria wore a circlet or wreath of orange flowers/blossoms with veil, as she married Prince Albert in the Chapel Royal of St. Jame's Palace, 10 February, 1840. I will talk more about Queen Victoria's contributions to later royal weddings as the the blog goes on.
Take it from me, do something good for yourself and buy some flowers for you, to arrange as simply or as formally as you like. It brightens the mood as well as the room.
'Til tomorrow, Terry.

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