Sunday, August 30, 2009

August 30, 2009

Another weekend come and gone. A great visit with Mother and Daddy separately in Savannah on Saturday. While I was home, I snagged the wedding album, and spent a great deal of the day today scanning the pictures.
Wow, the good old days! Here is Mother and her attendants. It was the day in age when the maid of honor's dress and flowers were slightly different from the rest of the group. Here, my aunt Sylvia or "Sibbie" as we call her is wearing green, contrasted with the pink of the other ladies. The florist did an amazing job of dying only the centers of the mums, not the petals. A pale shade of green for the maid of honor and pink centers for the other bridesmaids. Gotta love those dresses, pure 1964... and, the head pieces with veils no less. I will be sharing more of the wedding album in future blogs, so you'll get to see more of the great early '60's fashion. I can name all the people in this picture! From left to right, Aunt Janice, cousin Jean, Aunt Sylvia, Mother, Lena the flower girl, cousin Faye and Aunt Alice. It was a beautiful wedding. I really am intrigued by the design of the wedding, I am under the understanding that my mother and grandmother put the look of the dresses, color, style together themselves. My grandmother was a true southern lady with impeccable taste. Mother inherited her eye for style and taste as well. The church, as I mentioned before is Grace Methodist in Savannah. It was interesting that we attended church there for many years. My father was baptised there as an adult, and all three of the children were baptized there as well. We attended church here until 1981 when we decided to attend a Methodist church closer to our home on the islands. Why didn't we think of that before? It was a long drive on Sunday mornings, and then a return trip in the evenings for youth group, but it was a wonderful congregation. I visited the church recently, not much has changed, but it sure does look smaller inside that sanctuary that seemed so vast when I was a child. And, it smells the same on the inside... like brewing coffee and recently extinguished candles.
I love this blog, as it is taking me on a wonderful journey down memory lane. Not to mention encouraging me to continue my research of royal wedding flowers. I just finished a great book today entitled Queen and Country, by William Shawcross. Mr. Shawcross' book explores the reign of Elizabeth II in respect to the changes in the world, politically, economically, and in respect to the public's view of the monarchy in Britain. There is some fascinating commentary on many of the Queen's relationships with her many Prime Ministers during her reign. A great read, I highly recommend it.
Royal Wedding Tidbit for the day... Princess Elizabeth's (Queen Elizabeth II) bridal bouquet was made by Mr. Martin Longman, flowers given by the Worshipful Company of Gardeners. The bouquet was made up mostly of several varieties of orchids, all white. The bouquet also contain the traditional sprig of myrtle from the bush at Osborne which Prince Albert, consort of Queen Victoria brought to England from his home in Coburg. Pieces of the myrtle from this same bush were included in all royal bouquets since 1850.
Y'all have a great week, I'll be back tomorrow. Terry.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful!! Made me pull out my mom and dad's wedding photo! They look like they could be models for Ultra-brite toothpaste! No teeth whitening for them!!! Keep up the great blogging! And more and more pics!!