Friday, August 21, 2009

Day 5

Hi Royal Wedding Fans!

Well, it's the day after my birthday, and this years' celebration was quiet and low key, and memorable and great.

Most of my gifts from my significant revolved around a Royal theme... several books concerning QEII and the roayl family, most noteably, two books, one "Five Gold Rings" covering the 5 British Monarchs' weddings from Victoria to Elizabeth II... and another book "Royal Weddings", focusing on royal weddings from all over the world... can't wait to get into that one.

My brother, who's birthday it also was yesterday, since we are identical twins... wants to pose a question for discussion... wants to know if it's true that brides started carrying bouquets to keep bad odors to a minimum... I have heard this theory before, and it does sound feasable and practical. But, I don't think it sounds all that romantic. I have heard that the original wedding bouquets were normall of wheat or other grain stalks, and herbs both tied traditionally to fertility. There, that sounds so much better than trying to cover up body odor! Tossing the bouquet of herbs and grains ensure that fertility would be transfered onto the next lucky young maiden. Well, that's the story I am sticking to for now.

Getting late, as most of the day was taken up by buying a new computer and getting it set up and now finally finding my wireless connection.... the day is dragging on. Once I do more reading in the "royal" books I received from Stan (loving partner) for my birthday, I should have few new interesting topics to present.

til tomorrow, Terry.

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