Sunday, July 25, 2010

The British just have a way with weddings...

I have said it before, and I'll say it again... the British just have a way with weddings.  Can't exactly put my finger on it, but they just look different, when compared to American weddings.  Possibly, it looks as if they aren't trying too hard to pull it all off.  They are dressed somewhat formal, yet, the atmosphere seems relaxed and and not forced.  Their outfits aren't matched to death, yet every one's attire seems appropriate to the occasion and the surroundings.  A wonderful friend from England has shared these pictures of her daughter's wedding from June.  After viewing all of the pictures, it is very apparent that it was a special occasion where each guest had a wonderful experience.

Again, nothing looks forced or orchestrated, though, I know that much planning and work went into this wedding.  Congratulations to Penny and Ken on their daughter, Sarah's wedding!

here are a few more of their pictures... thanks Penny for allowing them to be part of my blog...
Wow, orchid plants as the table centerpiece... wonder who suggested that?? ;)

Finally... a picture of the lovely bride with her bridesmaids.

Good luck Sarah and Nick, from everyone here on Hilton Head!

Royal Wedding Tidbit of the day... Princess Diana's bouquet contained quite a few varieties of flowers... one was the Gold Medallion rose... for her wedding it was referred to as the Lord Mountbatten rose, in respect for Lord Louie Mountbatten, special friend and confidant of the Royal Family and Prince Charles..
 Lord Mountbatten had been assassinated roughly two years prior to the Prince and Princess's wedding in July of 1981.