Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Royal Bride - Zara Phillips gets her day...

The eldest granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth has finally gotten her day to shine as a royal bride.  This wedding that took place in Edinburgh on July 30th, was in total contrast to the wedding we saw take place in London in April of this year.  Zara Phillips, daughter of The Princess Royal, Anne married footballer Mike Tindal at Canongate Kirk... the royal place of worship located close by Hollyroode Palace.  Hollyroode Palace, or "house" as it is also called, is the official residence of Queen Elizabeth when she travels to Scotland's capitol.

This royal wedding was quite subdued, and photographers and t.v. cameras were not allowed inside the church.  However, there are plenty of pictures of the lovely bride and her beautiful flowers.  Zara chose a rather rustic hand-tied bouquet of miniature white calla lilies, Lily of the Valley, Echinops Thistle, Dusty Miller foliage... all based with white hydrangea.  I think the combination of simple tones in white and grey is wonderful to compliment her ivory gown and the more informal setting.  But, the most dynamic aspect of the flowers are the many varying textures among the flowers and foliage.  Most appreciated is the use of Echinops Thistle... as a nod to one of the national emblems of Scotland. 

I think we are seeing a trend starting... having one's bridesmaids attired like the bride and carrying identical but smaller versions of the bridal bouquet.  Also, it appears that a more mature bridesmaid has been included to perhaps corral the younger members of the wedding party.

This blogger loves Zara's bouquet, and really appreciates the family traditions among the royals... as Zara is wearing a tiara on loan from her mother, Anne.  Well done Zara and Mike!
Three of the bridesmaids.... all in ivory, one with the palest blue bow on her dress, each one wearing flowers in their hair, arranged accordingly to suit the style of their individual hair styles. 

Royal Wedding Tidbit for the day.... The last royal wedding to take place in Scotland was the wedding of Princess Anne, when she married her second husband, Timothy Laurence.  Then as well, a floral nod was made to Scotland as her bouquet was a nosegay composed entirely of heather.