Sunday, December 20, 2009

Those Crazy Christmas Gifts!

We just can't figure out for the life of us, 1. Why Nana wanted a picture of this on Christmas morning 1964 and 2. Why Sibbie would have posed for the picture in the first place. We all have been laughing over this old picture for the past few weeks. Certainly those wouldn't have fit her!
Some years you get those crazy gifts that, though well intentioned, just end up collecting dust, mold and whatnot in the top of the closet. The spirit of giving the gift is the most important thing, especially in the Christmas season. I try not to think "what were they thinking", but rather "what were they intending". I know that all the gifts I receive, no matter the size, expense, or usefulness, was chosen with the intention of bringing me happiness. Most important, since the greatest gift we as Christians have ever received was small, and not wrapped in fancy paper, but swaddling cloth, and not in a big fancy container, but in a lowly manger... now, there is Christmas.
I know, kinda weird to have the deep spiritual commentary right next to the picture of "The Ghost of Christmas Panties", but, it's my blog and the ideas just come when they come.
Days 'til Christmas ............................. 5!

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