Saturday, December 26, 2009

St. Stephen's Day 12/26/09

Just have to say.... thanks to my Aunt Sibbie... she is such a sport. When I first posted the pic on the left, I expected some backlash and tongue lashing... but, she took it in stride. So much so that this Christmas she voluntarily recreated the scene. Way to go Sibbie.
And so, to everyone, a Happy St. Stephen's Day. St. Stephen was the first martyr of the church or the "Proto-Martyr". St. Stephen was stoned to death for professing his faith in Jesus, and as he died, saw a vision of Jesus standing by God the Father in witness to his sacrifice of faith. Here's hoping that everyone is continuing to have a Merry Christmas, as the new year of 2010 grows nearer. Later, Terry.

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