Friday, December 18, 2009

December 18, 2009

Most people wouldn't think that remembering the anniversary of some one's passing as a happy time. Here in this picture is my Nana, she was the center of our world for many years. Today marks the 20th anniversary of her passing. I couldn't find the words to describe what she meant to me and my family, and here, now twenty years later, her memory is still a part of my thoughts everyday.

When she died back in 1989, I thought how rough it would be to loose someone so close and loved right at the Christmas holidays. Yes, it was a strange and in many ways sad Christmas that year, having just gone through a funeral after her long illness, but now, as my brother put it today, we can smile and feel extremely grateful for all the years we had her with us. She was a true Southern lady, gentle and very well mannered. She imparted her special wisdom to her children and grandchildren on a daily basis. Nana also had a strong Christian faith that strengthened her and led her through many personal trials... the death of two of her children and husband, illness, loss, and the economic difficulties of the Great Depression. She also had her special brand of family history through storytelling and many photographs. She instilled in us a deep pride of family history and a knack for tradition building, especially for Christmas. Many of her cherished, and very old, Christmas ornaments hang on my Christmas tree and the Christmas trees of my brothers, Mother's, my aunt's and cousins, all the way from Maryland to Nebraska. I still do miss her everyday, but my memories of her strengthen me and reassure me, putting the initial grief of loosing her very much in the past. I'll post one more pic for this special blog post... a picture of Nana's Christmas tree angel... it goes atop my tree every year and it is probably my most cherished possession and "Nana" Christmas tradition. Nana... all my love, and thank you for everything. Terry.
Day's 'til Christmas ............................................6!

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