Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Remmberin the Snow in Savannah...

12/22/09 - another 20 year milestone this week. It was 20 years ago that Savannah saw it's first white Christmas in recorded history. Snows starting on the 22nd, and ending early on the 24th of December. It was truly strange, let me tell you.
We had already had a sad week, since my grandmother has passed away on the 18th, and her funeral on the 19th. We were not ready for any such surprise as this. I don't even remember being mindful of the weather forecasts at the time. We were all home from work with the holiday vacation already starting, and from taking time off for the funeral and many out of town guests. As the week progressed on towards Christmas, we just stayed inside, made chili and jambalaya and watched it snow. Looking back now, I kinda feel like the world was sending us this beautiful sight in a way of comforting us at the loss of Nana. And, it was beautiful, so quiet, so peaceful. For years I felt sorry that Nana missed what would have been her only white Christmas in all of her 84 years... but maybe, it was God telling us, our little family, that something great had occurred, and this would be a sign that we could always remember it by. Her great beautiful presence had left us, but for a few days was replaced by the beautiful snowfall, to give us a few days of comfort and joy.
Certainly I can say without a doubt that in the picture above, this was the only time that Mother's house saw snow and Christmas decorations at the same time. Maybe, another white Christmas will be in our future, one that I will live to see.
Wow, it's getting really close! Days 'til Christmas ................. 3!

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  1. Like everything you've had to say about our White Christmas 1989.