Thursday, December 17, 2009

December 17, 2009

It's a low country Christmas for us here... down in South Carolina, at one time, cedar trees were the popular tree to use in the house. Why, well, they were and still are plentiful. And, they were cheap, as in they grow out in the woods here, and along the banks of the rivers and marshes. So, just go cut one down. The "red cedar" that grows heartily here is not really a cedar but a variety of juniper.

I only had one cedar tree for a Christmas tree, back in the early 80's. I have to tell you, they don't hold the big lights well at all. the limbs are quite flexible and even droopy. So, heavy ornaments are out of the question. We ended up using clear miniature lights when we found the cedar we had cut wouldn't hold our big C-7 lights. This pic here isn't the tree we had, but an old image found on the Internet. We did however have strung popcorn on ours, it's light weight and the white popcorn looks very nice against the dark green foliage. If you do choose a cedar, do keep it well watered, as they drink lots of water and can dry out really fast. My cousins in NC always had a cedar cut from a field, I didn't like the look of them back then, but now, I can appreciate the down-home look of a cedar Christmas tree.

Days til Christmas............................. 7!!! Wow, it's getting close.

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