Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Tree Backdrops 12/19/09

Christmas trees make wonderful backdrops for family photos. If you look through most peoples photo albums both old and new, you will probably come across many snapshots where folks are gathered in front of the decorated tree.

Here is our Christmas Card pic from this year. Marvin was getting a little anxious prior to the camera snapping.

It's our 6th anniversary, a great day to celebrate all the blessings and gifts of the last six years. Thanks to Stan and Marvin for making my life so wonderful!

The second pic here, one from the past, with my brothers, Jerry and Dan, left and middle. I am guessing thiswas about1977 or '78. I was about 11 or 12 that year. I think, a little to old for footed pajamas! Anyway, it must have been cold to have called for such warm sleepware. Goes to show you how the climates have changed. It was normally cold in December back then, even way down in Savannah. Have to mention the great old balsam tree with plenty of tinsel. I can even still see the old "snow-ball" lights still being used on this tree.
Days 'til Christmas ........................ 5!

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