Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dec. 23,, 2009 Santa's Helpers

The wonder years of the sixties, what a great pic here. Mother, working 'til the wee hours, helping Santa of course. I think she was about 27 yrs. old here. I think this was our first Christmas in the house on Wilmington Island.
Here is another one of those great balsam trees with big lights, and the great old glass mix-matched ornaments. Not too much tinsel/icicles on this tree. Boy how that room has changed over the years. The room in the pic is the den. For some reason in those early years in that house, the Christmas tree was set up in the den, on the back of the house. I don't remember when, or why the tree eventually moved to the living room on the front of the house facing the street. That is something I will have to investigate. So, tonight with just 2 days to go 'til Christmas, I have been, like Mother in this pic, getting ready by "helping" Santa too. Lots of last minute wrapping being done tonight, making a centerpiece for Christmas Eve dinner, and fantasizing about sleeping later than usual in the morning.
Days 'til Christmas ......... 2!!!!!

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