Wednesday, September 9, 2009

September 9, 2009

Royal brides have great veils. Diana, as well as the Queen, and the Queen Mother all wore long veils of tulle that matched the length of the magnificent trains on their dresses. Fergie's veil was no different... except, since she was a commoner, she was not yet eligible to wear a tiara, so I am told. Fergie's veil appeared to be affixed with the help of a floral crown that resembled her bouquet with it's floral content. Gardenias were included in both crown and bouquet as they are Prince Andrew's favorite flower. I think this matching floral head piece added an even more lush and and regal look.

Fergie's little attendants wore flowers in their hair as well in shades of pale pink and cream. Another stunning floral aspect to this royal wedding was the arrangements carried by the little bridesmaids. What an original idea for them to carry whimsy hoops decorated with flowers. I think this special added touch by the florist really helped set this wedding apart from others as flowers go. In my early floral career, I made whimsy hoops instead of baskets for flower girls and junior bridesmaids... it was appreciated by the brides and, again really set the wedding apart with an interesting twist on things. These whimsy hoops weren't hard to create. The simply consisted of wire or wooden hoops like for embroidery, covered with ribbon. I then attached floral clusters (made like corsages) and added bows and trailing ribbon, and wove greenery and tulle around the hoop as well. They really were a big hit.

Royal Wedding Tidbit for the day... After Fergie and Andy exchanged vows, the moved behind the altar screen in the Abbey to sign the wedding register. At this time, Fergie became Sarah, Duchess of York, when she returned with Andrew from behind the altar, the floral crown had been removed to show a dazzling tiara, which she was now able to wear as a member of the royal family.

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