Friday, September 18, 2009

September 18. 2009

O.K., I needed a little Fergie today. Here are a couple of great pictures, one of Fergie entering Westminster Abbey (right) and one of her turning to return to the inside of the palace from the balcony. The photos are somewhat old, scanned from a royal periodical from 1986, running a special picture-rama of Fergie and Andy's wedding. I was given a collection of vintage (80's-09's) royal magazines for my birthday. It was a wonderful gift and terrific source for my blog material...thanks Stan!
Both pictures here are great, as you can see the density of white flowers, especially the Lily of the valley in the pic on the left. The pic on the right shows a shot of the left side of the bouquet from the rear. The bouquet appeared to be so solidly constructed and very light-weight to carry. Mr. David Longman and his designers did a superb job on this bouquet. I think the pic on the right is great as it shows Sarah's father, Major Ferguson stooping to help her daughter on her special day, and also shows the beautiful dress in good detail. All that Lily of the Valley and the gardenias from the bouquet and head piece must have smelled heavenly.
Royal Wedding Flower Tidbit of the day... though Sarah, Duchess of York had requested all white flowers for her bouquet, somewhere in there was the traditional sprig of myrtle from Osborne House. The Duchess also returned her bouquet to the Abbey the day after the wedding to be placed on the tomb of the Unknown Warrior.
Thanks for checking in today. Terry.

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