Wednesday, September 16, 2009

September 16, 2009

Hi Everyone, back today with another continental European royal wedding. This one, the marriage of Beatrix and Claus van Amsburg on March 10, 1966. They were married in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She was then Crown Princess Beatrix. Today she is Beatrix, Queen of The Belgians.
This royal couples wedding was marred by Dutch anarchists' protests prior to and during the ceremony. Claus was German, and many Dutch citizens objected to Beatrix marrying someone from a country that caused so much misery for the Dutch during World War II.
The couple were married at the Westerkerk church in Amsterdam and their union was one of the most enduring love match royal marriages in history. Their first born son, Willem-Alexander and his wedding was the subject of yesterdays blog post.
Now for the flowers, Beatrix is carrying a traditional cascade bouquet containing all white flowers. The larger flowers were a mystery to me for a few days, as I couldn't for the life of me remember the name. I shot an email off to my friend and favorite former boss Laura Little of Floramor Studios in San Francisco, CA. If anyone could name that flower, I knew it would be Laura. Sure enough, in just a matter of hours across three time zones, Laura produced the name for me... they are Amazon Lilies. The other flowers in the bouquet appear to be stephanotis or bouvardia buds still tightly closed. The two flowers look very similar when the flowers are immature and still closed. But, by the size of the buds, I am leaning more toward stephanotis. However, after closer study of the other pictures I have available... in some shots, the smaller white flowers look like they could be Lily of the Valley.
Royal Wedding Tidbit of the day... Beatrix and Claus' son, Willem-Alexander, to pay homage to his parents wedding, ordered orange colored smoke bombs to be set off during his own wedding celebration. At his parents wedding 36 years prior, it was smoke bombs set off by protesters to the marriage that marred the pre-wedding processions through Amsterdam.

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