Tuesday, September 29, 2009

September 29, 2009

Oh my Lord! What were they thinking?????
Sorry to have missed so many days of my blog. I was feeling a bit uninspired, then had a busy weekend, then a little down in the back for a couple of days, so I got lazy and didn't do my blogg'n.
Decided to come back with a laugh. Found some truly dreadful but hilarious wedding pics on the web of some really bad brides maids dress choices. The pic here is one of my favorites. Not to mention the truly horrendous gingham aprons on the ladies, but what about that poor little dude in the brown polyester knickers! Certainly the florist working on this wedding had an easy go of the color selection, yellow and white was a given. And, most certainly, that bride looks back at her wedding album and thinks... what was I thinking??? Oh well, it was a trend of the times back in the '70's, a time when light blue or Burgundy tuxedos weren't all that uncommon. Happy to say that wedding fashions like these are gone, hopefully for good, but they do set us up for a good laugh.
On the subject of "what was I thinking", one of the things that has kept me busy the past week, and away from my blogging, is that I am taking another stab at doing wedding flowers myself. Yes, even though I know the schedule is rough and the work is physically demanding, I am so very much wanting to get back into something creative and fun. I had my first consultation this weekend and it was a huge success, just like riding a bike, I didn't forget how it's done. My first bride for back into the swing of it, is the daughter of a good friend. She is a truly beautiful girl, sweet and smart to boot. She has chosen turquoise for her color palate, so we are going to brighten it up some more with hot pinks and fuchias. Not giving away any secrets here, the wedding isn't until May of 2010, so you will have to wait patiently for the pictures.
A special thanks to Colleen for following my blog, and for being concerned about my absence from the Blogsphere. I am back! thanks Colleen!
Royal Wedding Tidbit for the day... When Mette-Marit married Crown Prince Haakon of Norway in Oslo, here dress maker used 360 feet of silk.

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