Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hi Everyone, I have to admit that I haven't been able to come up with much today in the way of royal wedding flowers. But, a great weekend in Savannah and Hilton Head, any weekend with time spent at the beach is a fulfilled weekend. I have chosen a pic for the day at least. The bride here is Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester. Alice was married to Prince Henry Duke of Gloucester, brother of King George VI and aunt of Queen Elizabeth II. She was married in 1935. The other picture here shows the wedding party with then Princess Elizabeth as one of the young bridesmaids. The florist obviously went with an all white floral scheme. Her bouquet is a luscious crescent shaped bouquet of what looks to be white roses and possibly carnations, but, it's really hard to tell what exactly the flowers are in this picture. I am wondering what the significance of the bundle of red roses tied with blue ribbon can be.. lying at her feet. What a beautiful gown too. So '30's! Of course, as royal tradition seems to dictate, the wedding party picture is staged in the throne room at Buckingham Palace.
Royal Wedding Tidbit for the day... Royal wedding rings are all struck from the same large piece of gold by the Crown Jeweler who also has charge of the crown jewels kept in The Tower of London.

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