Monday, September 7, 2009

September 7, 2009

Hi Everyone, it's Labor Day 2009. It has been a great weekend, seeing friends from near and far, and three wonderful weather days at the beach.

Today, I decided to feature a picture of another pipe organ, just for a change. What does it have to do with royal wedding flowers you ask? Well nothing, except for the music that I heard played on this on was very much worthy of a royal wedding. This organ is located at Grace Lutheran Church, Lincoln, NE. I didn't get the name of the organist, but she did a great job for my cousins' wedding back in June. The music selection was very classically styled, and the processional was "Crown Imperial", a very daring piece, I would think, and one I had never heard used as the processional. The organist played her heart out for this wedding, and at great length as the bride and groom chose to have a traditional receiving line, immediately following the ceremony... a the back door of the church, and there was organ music throughout as the the wedding party welcomed some 200+ guests. Great Job!

The processional for Fergie and Andy's wedding was an unusual one I thought... I think of it because Fergie's bouquet is my favorite royal wedding bouquet. For that royal wedding the processional was "Imperial March" by Elgar, the composer of "Pomp and Circumstance".

Yes, Fergie's bouquet is still my favorite, the unique shape and all floral content (no foliage) makes for a beautiful effect in my opinion. Plus the all wired construction really puts me in awe of the designer who put that bouquet together. Here is a small picture of that bouquet.

Royal Wedding Tidbit for the day... Sarah Ferguson took a very active role in the design of her wedding gown. She had the long train decorated with crystal and pearls making the shape of the letter "A" for Andrew, and adding helicopters for the groom's military position as a pilot, and symbols such as honey bees and thistles reflecting on the grooms heraldic emblems.

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