Thursday, September 3, 2009

September 3, 2009

Here is one of my favorite pictures from my mother's wedding album. This picture holds great significance for me because all four of my grand parents and both parents are in the same photo. I think it is one of a kind as this group, I believe never were captured in another picture together. All the grandparents are gone now and I do miss them all. They were the best grand parents I could imagine. They all had very interesting childhoods, both grandfathers served in the military during World War II, and both grandmothers were "working mothers" long before women in the workplace were the norm. At the time of the wedding my parents were both 23 years old, and they went directly from wedding to honeymoon, to first home.
These old wedding pictures, the way they are posed don't seem to happen too much anymore. Brides and grooms today go for the natural un-posed and unrehearsed photo opportunities. Photographers these days go for more relaxed poses, and choose locations a bit more romantic and unique than the church or reception site. But, a lot can be said for the old form. There they all are, the four people jointly responsible for this wedding happening. I feel very fortunate to have this picture of six people all together for that one moment in time back in 1964. The six people that would play the biggest roll in my formative years. The six people in the world who, without knowing it then would be the greatest influence in my life.
There are many many pictures of royal weddings, and most that you see, the ones not snapped by reporters, news cameras or paparazzi, have a lot in common with the picture above. They seem posed and predictable, but they serve a purpose... to chronicle all those important people who are witnesses to a very important occasion. Sure, the picture here at my parents' wedding didn't take place in the throne room at Buckingham Palace. But, those pictured are kings and queens in my heart.
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Royal Wedding Tidbit for the day... On May 14, 1962, Princess Sofia of Greece married Prince Juan Carlos of Spain. The marriage took place in Greece, they were married first at a Roman Catholic Cathedral, then married again in a Greek Orthodox Cathedral following the Byzantine rite for the ceremony. Two weeks later, Princess Sofia converted to Catholicism, four days later, they were invited for an Audience with Pope John XXIII.

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