Saturday, September 12, 2009

September 12, 2009

Hi Folks, we have two pictures to show today. Obviously, they are not of any royal wedding flowers. This bouquet, in two views, I made myself here at home. I modeled the bouquet to be somewhat like carried by Sarah, Duchess of York. My bouquet however curves the opposite direction for it's crescent shape. Also, I do these little projects on a very restricted budget, so I used fern out of the yard for foliage/filler. Also, the floral content is all carnations in white, both standard and miniature sizes. I haven't wired an entire bouquet myself in over 10 years, so it goes without saying that I am a bit out of practice. Also, when I got home with the flowers, I realized that I only had white floral tape available and had a limited amount of wire, which was of the completely wrong gauge. I needed a much sturdier weight wire, an 18 or 16 gauge, but I only had 20 and 22 gauge wire on hand. So, lesson learned, check to make sure you have the right supplies before you buy the flowers! Even with the lack of flower variety and correct wire, I am still very please with the outcome. I think it is a great first try at a fully wired bouquet after so many years and being out of practice. And, it smells great sitting over there on the breakfront.
I hope to sometime soon start designing wedding florals again, and I really want to use as much Royal Wedding inspirations as possible. Hopefully I will get to make a bouquet much like Sarah Ferguson's for a bride here in my area. I will steer her toward my blog so that she can see how important I think Royal Weddings are in the area of flowers!
Royal Wedding Tidbit of the day... When Princess Alexandra arrived in England to marry Prince Edward; Edward's father Albert had recently died. As the royal court was still officially in mourning, Princess Alexandra wore a grey frock at Queen Victoria's insistence.
Thanks for checking in! Terry.

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