Monday, February 1, 2010

Off the Isle - Royal Wedding in Jordan

We are taking a trip off the British Isle, in fact out of Europe to the Middle East for today's blog post. To the left, a wedding day picture of King Hussein and Queen Noor of Jordan. Their wedding took place on June 15, 1978. The bride wore a very simple white gown, but carried an elegant cascade of white Phaelenopsis orchids and trailing plumosus fern. I love this bouquet for it's simplicity, and for the fact that the construction of the bouquet would be incredibly simple. The orchids themselves, the way they grow on their stems truly lends itself to a longer draping cascade form. These orchids are extremely delicate to begin with and being able to leave them on their original stem is beneficial to keeping the orchids protected. When wiring these orchids for corsages or boutonnieres, there is a tricky process of getting the tape covered wire in and around the very, very delicate stamen and anther areas. I have found that wiring individual blooms with white chaneele stems (pipe-cleaners) is the safest way. If using regular wire, then the lightest gauge will be necessary as to avoid damage to the orchid's large but terribly light weight petals.
Royal Wedding tidbit of the day... I, personally had the privilege of creating floral arrangements for Queen Noor of Jordan, while working at Floramor Studios in San Francisco, CA. The floral arrangements we accents to the Garden Court at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. The Queen was there to greet Jordanian nationals, her step-son's subjects, then living in California. It was an honor, and very exciting... my closest Royal Incident to date.
Photo Credit: People, "The Royals, Their Lives, Loves, and Secrets", People Specials - 2005.

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