Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Flowers of Diamonds

What's royalty without some diamonds? Well, a little side track from wedding flowers tonight, I wanted to feature one of the most beautiful pieces in the Queen's jewel collection. The George the IV Diadem was created by London jeweler at the direction of George IV, for his coronation in 1830. It turns out the he ended up not wearing it at all. I have read that many deemed this crown to feminine for the King. However, following Monarchs have put it to good use. Victoria wore it often, then Queen Alexandra, Queen Mary, The Queen Mother, and the current, Queen Elizabeth II. It is said to be the most recognizable of the royal jewels, mostly because it is the crown that the current Queen is wearing on the postage stamps and many denominations of currency throughout the Commonwealth of Nations. The frame is gold and silver, two bands of pearls make up the circlet. There are four crosses pattee, the forward cross is centered with a rare yellow toned diamond. The other decorations are clusters of shamrocks, thistles, and roses, traditional symbols of Ireland, Scotland, and England.

Royal Wedding Tidbit for the day .... Both Princess Elizabeth (QEII) and Princess Anne wore The "Diamond Fringe Tiara" affixed to their veils on their wedding day.


  1. Caught up on the blog today. "If I can be perfectly honest" (say that in your head with a British accent!), I'm loving the royal stories the MOST in your blog. :) I just LOVE the little tidbits of trivia.

  2. Mark, thanks for being a loyal follower of the blog! I appreciate the comment you posted. Cheerio and pip pip. Terry.