Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Always A Bridesmaid...

Two great pictures here today. Both feature the current British monarch in her childhood, the Princess Elizabeth of York. Yes, the Queen did her service many times as a bridesmaid. One the left the wedding of Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester to Lady Alice Scott. Here, the future Queen carries a very generous nosegay of all roses, the adult attendants are carrying very large cascades of the same roses, while the bride carries a large and lush somewhat crescent shaped bouquet of all white flowers, I think I see some white Antherium in there with what must be a collection of various orchid varieties. This wedding took place in November 1935.
Second, the picture on the right, the future Queen again acts as attendant to a royal bride, this time, at the wedding of her uncle the Duke of Kent to Princess Marina of Greece in November 1934. King George V and Queen Mary are present in both photos. Princess Marina is the only carrying flowers here, a very simple, but impressive arm bouquet of all white longeflorum lilies, tied with a wide white ribbon with it's own floral cluster accent.
November was a very popular month for Royal Weddings in those days, as Princess Elizabeth herself would be married in November of 1947.
Royal Wedding Tidbit of the day...Like Princess Victoria, Princess Royal and daughter of Queen Victoria, ... Princess Elizabeth used the ever popular "Wedding March" by Mendelssohn as the recessional during their wedding ceremonies.
Photo Credit: "A Royal Family Album From The Days of Queen Victoria To H.R.H. Prince Charles of Edinburgh", pictorial booklet, 1948, Pitkin Pictorials Ltd.

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