Saturday, February 20, 2010

After St. Valentine's Day

Technically it's not Spring yet, but, even down here in the south we are pushing it after such a cold winter. The best way that I like to bring Spring on is to select and arrange some great flowers of my own. Our local market had a great selection of roses, even after Valentines Day... normally the stock is very depleted after that rush for flowers for your sweetheart, but, I found to wonderful selections. First, the exquisite "Twinkle Bride" standard size rose whose color varies from rich cream, to the palest green and to a blush pink at the edges. Great strong straight stems and very few thorns. I decided on a more contemporary arrangement in a rectangular glass vase, and used a gathering of Kiwi vine to anchor the arrangement. The next flower I found was a very bright bunch of hot-pink spray roses, although the variety wasn't labeled on the package, I don't have a name to tell you for these. In any case both these arrangements have brought the joy of an early spring into our house. And, I have fun making the arrangements.
Sorry for the gap in blog posts. Last week was a busy week and weekend. Something to do every night of the week, plus, I helped out at a local flower shop. So, it was red roses, red roses, and more red roses in what seemed like an endless line of vases, greenery and roses walking out the door. It left me exhausted, but a good exhausted as it is work I love to do. Hope to be back in the swing of things with more Royal photos to post, and more flower commentary. But, now that spring is in the air, there may just be more posts about the flower arrangements I have created for us here at home to enjoy... I promise to share the pics with you all.
Royal Wedding Tidbit for the day... Although Queen Elizabeth's engagement ring, designed and given to her by Prince Philip, is not nearly the largest diamond or composition of diamonds in her jewel collection... however, it is said to be her favorite piece of jewelry. Awww, isn't that sweet?
Photo Credits: ME!


  1. Gorgeous flowers. And your portfolio I saw yesterday -- outstanding!

  2. Mark, thanks for the compliments and being a faithful follower of the blog. Looking forward to some wedding work, coming soon to a venue near you. thanks again. Terry.