Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fancy Shmancy... and just homemade

It's one of those grey winter weekends, and what I find takes my mind off of there being another couple of months of winter ahead is to bring a little spring-time into the house. So, the just home-made centerpiece to the left is one I threw together today. We are fortunate to have a Fresh Market here, that maintains a very good selection of fresh-cut flowers. So, to drive away the winter blahs, I made this spring centerpiece of Jade roses and very fragrant purple stock... just the ticket, especially since we are having guest for dinner tonight. What a contrast to the ultra "fancy schmancy" floral arrangements in Queen Elizabeth's wedding photo. All the bridesmaids carried very elaborate cascading bouquets of many varieties of orchids. I imaging there were several Longman's Ltd. employees up all night wiring and taping the flowers for these quite detailed bouquets. Also, each bridesmaid is wearing a coronet of bouvardia... still more wiring and taping. So, flowers can bring joy and amazement in many forms, from the very simply homemade centerpiece to the very elaborate and intricate wired cascade bouquet.
Royal Wedding Tidbit for the day... On her wedding day, Princess Margaret was escorted up the aisle or "given away" by her brother-in-law, Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh... since the princess's father, King George IV, died in 1952. Princess Margaret married Anthony Armstrong-Jones in 1960.


  1. Why didn't we take photos of the four beautiful arrangements you made for my dinner party last night? EVERYONE commented on how lovely they were. Thank you so much for your creative genius!

  2. Coll, I thought of that after I left... oh well, next time... I can recreate the magic for your next celebration! Thanks or being a loyal follower of Flowers for Royal Weddings! Terry.