Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Another "not British" Royal Wedding

Here we have a royal wedding from the European continent... that of Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia, in Madrid, Spain, May 22, 2004. Just as classy and beautiful as a British royal wedding. The gown is incredible, but of course not garish or inappropriate, and the groom's attire, again appropriate for his military rank and standing in the Spanish royal family.

THE FLOWERS - carried by the bride...a beautiful bouquet of white lilies and other white flowers, that are a little difficult to identify... I have posted two photos today, and maybe some of my blog followers can help me identify the mystery flowers. I think they may be Lily of the Valley, but, from these photos, it is hard to tell. Also, in the first photo... since it shows the back of the bouquet, you can see the wire and taping construction technique that was used. Wheat stalks have been included (a traditional floral symbol of fertility). In addition, I really appreciate the use of the gold ribbon to tie off the bouquet. It serves as a contrast and disconnect between the all white flowers and the white gown. But, the gold ribbon is a wonder coordinating compliment to the gold gowns of the attendants. Bravo and well done!.. to the designer who put together the floral look for this wedding.

Strangely, the bridesmaids are not carrying flowers at all. I wonder if this is particular to weddings in Spain possibly? Someone educate me on this tradition or lack there of. But, notice the wonderful columns of flowers attached to the stone columns of the cathedral... all white, I am assuming lilies and roses and some other long lasting and hearty flowers. I shutter at the thought of the mechanics and time that went into those arrangements. But, the effect is spectacular.

Royal Wedding Tidbit of the day ... Prince Felipe is next in line to the Spanish Throne; his father Juan Carlos is the current reigning Spanish monarch. This wedding took place with extremely high security in place, as the terrorist train bombings in Madrid had taken place just two months before the wedding.


Photo Credit: People: "The Royals, Their Lives, Loves, and Secrets"- People Specials - 2005.


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