Monday, February 8, 2010

More on Princess May of Teck

In her life, Princess May of Teck held many royal titles and roles. First as Princess May (a nickname after the month in which she was born), then, Duchess of York. Later, Princess of Wales, then Queen consort, finally, dowager Queen after the death of her husband, King George V, during the reigns of two of her sons, King Edward VIII (abdicated) and King George VI, finally, during the reign of her granddaughter, Queen Elizabeth II. The photo here is of her and the Duke of York on their wedding day, July 6th, 1893. The wedding took place at the Chapel Royal, St. James Palace, London. The flowers here are quite abundant, even though her bouquet is not shown, I have read that Princess May's bridal flowers were white lilies and white roses. The bridesmaids are carrying cascading bouquets of roses and other white flowers, as well, the bride and her attendants have flowers attached to their dresses and in their hair. Lots of royal wedding flowers here.
Royal Wedding Tidbit of the day... Also married at the Chapel Royal, St. Jame's Palace, London... Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, on Feb. 10th, 1840.

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