Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Queen in Purple

It sure is spring in our part of the world.  From the looks of the Queen's purple outfit, she is also ready for the warmer temperatures and the many flowers that spring will bring.  Her Majesty must meet thousands and thousands of school children each year, and most of them present her with flowers.  Alwasy gracious The Queen often carries a couple of the flowre bunches during her walk abouts.  More than a handful, the flowers get eventually handed off to a lady in waiting who always travels with Her Majesty.  Once the Lady in waiting is loaded up, the flowers are haned off to equirries standing by to help.  The Queen's favorite flower, I have read is Daffodills... maybe because of their bright and vivid yellow that signals the beginning of spring.

Today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent.  How appropriate that the Queen in this picture is dressed in purple, the typical color of the Lenten liturgical season for most Christian churches.

Royal Flower Tidbit of the day... I have heard it said that while The Queen adores flowers and loves receiving them... she does not prefer the celophane wrapping that typically accompany the bunches of blooms.  Note to all you royal watchers, the next time you present flowers to the Queen, leave the plastic wrap at home!


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