Saturday, March 12, 2011

A little royal wedding mystery...

It's a lovely gift... a porcelain covered dish... with the logo being used for the commemoration of the upcoming royal wedding.  A beautiful keepsake, but... I don't know who sent it to me!

The box came from London, looks like a residential address, the box was packed with gold shred, and the whole thing was stuffed in a gift bag from Buckingham Palace.  No card was enclosed and there is no person's name on the return address in London.  I haven't a clue who is responsible, but whoever was so thoughtful... Thank you very much.  Hopefully the sender will see this post and let me know who they are!



  1. Hi Lovey! I have been dying to blog about my trip to London, but wanted that little treat to arrive first! I thought of you the whole time - you and Stan need to save up - it is worth eating cereal for dinner to make it happen!

  2. Miss Judy, thank you again for the lovely gift, a great keepsake of the upcoming royal wedding. When Stan and I do visit London, we want you to come along with us... we'll start eating cereal now! Terry.