Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kate's Bouquet... what I think it should look like.

After many weeks of thinking about it, I have come up with my own idea of what Kate Middleton's bouquet should look like.  First, I thought it should be sizable, as Kate is not a short woman, and given the expanse of the venue, Westminster Abbey.  Most important for me to realize is that without knowing what the dress will look like, any ideas on the bouquet are surely predictions and guesses, as the wedding gown is the most important factor to decide the shape, style, and composition of the bouquet.

I started with a modern approach to the look, with a single long trailing vine acting as a base or carriage for the flowers. Next, I added what is reported to be Kate's favorite flowers... Lilies.  Other popular flowers for royal bouquet were added next... roses, orchids, Lily of the Valley, and finally sprigs of myrtle, of course, perhaps from a garden in Kate's home town/village of Bucklebury.

My bouquet is a somewhat modern design with a construction of old methods of wire and tape on every flower.  I realize that the vine to be the base structure may be somewhat hard to come by, but I think it could easily be constructed with a heavier gauge wire covered in brown tape and then brown grosgrain ribbon to give it a softer look.  This bouquet would be easy to carry as it would be light weight.  Preferably, the roses would be a ivory cream or pale yellow David Austen rose variety.  The lilies... well, I prefer the white Asiatic variety.  This type of lily is the palest of ivory in color, and one of the few lily varieties that do not have a fragrance.  I understand that Miss Middleton is allergic to horses, so I wouldn't want to take any chances on the lilies giving her a headache on the way to the Abbey.

Royal Wedding Tid-bit of the day... It is being reported that the royal wedding cake baker has been chosen.  Fiona Cairns is the pastry guru who has been chosen by Kate Middleton to create the multi-tiered confection.  As tradition goes, this cake will also be several fruit cakes stacked up and decorated with white and ivory frosting.  Kate has chosen flowers to decorate the outside of the cake.  Other traditional items such as flowers of the United Kingdom will be used... roses for England, shamrocks for Ireland, daffodils for Wales, and finally thistles for Scotland.

At touch of the modern will be represented by Prince William having the royal families first groom's cake made of crushed tea biscuits (cookies) and dark chocolate cream, all molded into the shape of a cake.

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