Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kate Middleton's Bridal Bouquet...

It would be difficult to speculate on what Kate Middleton's bridal bouquet will look like on April 29th.  So many factors that go into the design of a bride's bouquet simply wont be know until Kate steps out of the car at Westminster Abbey.  Until then, this blogger/floral designer will just have to guess at what the bouquet will look like.

The biggest unknown that will decide the look of the bouquet is of course, the dress.  I think that it is quite impossible to design an appropriate bouquet for any bride until I know what the wedding dress looks like.  In fact when I begin the consultation process with any bride, my first request is to see a picture of the dress... preferably with the bride wearing the dress.  The length, cut, style, color, decoration, and size of the wedding dress ultimately decides the style, shape and size of the bouquet.  A bride very well may have her favorite flowers in mind, but until the dress is revealed, how to arrange those favorite flowers is a mystery. 

A bridal bouquet should act first and foremost as the ultimate accessory to the gown.  The gown's style, whether it be formal, traditional, contemporary, elaborate or simple are the deciding factors involved in designing a bouquet that best compliments the bride's attire for her ceremony.  Simply, the bouquet has to coordinate with the dress and fit the overall level of formality of the entire wedding. 

I think for the first time on this blog, a video will be featured.  This video is a special report segment from ABC News leading up to the next royal wedding, and it originally aired earlier this week.  During the lead up times to royal weddings much is said about the venue, the dress, the conveyance to and from the palace, the guest list, etc.  But, rarely have I seen much attention given to the flowers for a royal wedding by the prime time media.  Although the following video clip contains some, well, erroneous information, I think it is a great clip that introduces us to the the world of wedding flowers.  I'll let you all watch the video here, and in my next blog post, I'll discuss the video and it's information be it true or false... enjoy the video clip.
               ... and here is the link to the video from ABC News....

Royal Wedding tid bit for today...  When Queen Elizabeth, then Princess Elizabeth married Prince Philip in 1947, among her 9 bridesmaids was Lady Pamela Hicks, daughter of Earl Mountbatten of Burma.  In 1981, Lady Pamela's daughter India Hicks was a bridesmaid to Princess Diana.  In many of the videos you can find on the Internet of Princess Diana's wedding, India Hicks is the younger bridesmaid assisting Diana as she comes out of the glass coach before she enters St. Paul's Cathedral.  Diana's Maid of Honor was Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones, Princess Margaret's only daughter.


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