Monday, February 28, 2011

Par Avion

O.K., so this post wont have much to do with flowers for royal weddings, but, above is a little something special I received in the mail today.  Any member of the royal family can be sent correspondence and their mailing addresses are very easy to find on the Internet.  For example, simply use Google and search for "write a letter to the Queen."  Many sites will appear that give you the addresses for the principal members of the royal family, and many others.  The staff at each royal residence dutifully respond to all letters.  The letter I received from St. Jame's Palace was in response to my letter of congratulations to Prince William and Catherine Middleton.  It will make a wonderful souvenir to add to my collection, next to the letter from Her Majesty's penned by one of her ladies in waiting, postmarked from Balmoral two years ago.

Too bad it's not an invitation to the wedding!

Royal Family Tidbit for the day... We normally only hear the names Prince William and Prince Harry... but, Harry's real first name is Henry.  Harry being the popular nickname for Henry.  If you click on the above image, you will see that the letter is from the residence of Prince William and Prince Henry of Wales.

Favorite Flower of the Week... Cymbidium Orchid, variety "Jade"

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