Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A very different royal bouquet...

As the years go by fashions change, and not just the fashion for clothing, but for other things like cars, interior decor, art, and also floral fashions change.  The picture above is of Princess Martha Louise of Norway, she was married in 2002.  Over the years floral fashion changes and floral fashion is often different in other parts of the world.  So, the Nordic countries have a slightly different idea of what looks bridal when it comes to bouquets. 

The challenge for me here was to find a photo that showed Martha's bouquet up-close enough to discern the contents.  The bouquet is in an almost heart-shaped cascade with a drastic tear-drop trail.  The mass of the bouquet is of Lily of the Valley.  Strangely enough there are two or three Phaelenopsis orchids placed over the mass of flowers, and even more strangely appears to be a single white lily, a lillium longiflorum (Easter Lily) kind of just poking out of the bouquet.  It gets more interesting... as the bouquet make the drastic turn towards the floor, the trailing end seems to be bound or wrapped with some sort of wire or thin vine.  I am guessing this may be bullion or some other type of wire.  I often think what the conversation was when this royal bride met with her florist.  And, just who's idea was this for a very unusual bouquet.

Royal Wedding Flower tidbit of the day ... from a blog post a few weeks ago, another Nordic royal bride, Mette Marit of Norway has a similarly strange bridal bouquet.  It's just a different world over there.  Here is her bouquet...

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