Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kate and William... 30 days and counting!

We have reached the one month mark on the royal wedding countdown.  As the day gets closer, more details about the big day are becoming available.  The details we are most concerned with here are the flowers.  Us is reporting, along with ABC news, that the flowers have been chosen.  The color is white for the royal blooms.  The traditional choices for royal weddings will be there, roses of course, gardenias, Lily of the Valley and delphinium.  Delphinium doesn't exactly come to mind when I think of bouquets, but the tall stalks of blooms would be perfect for the larger arrangements in the Abbey.  Here is an example picture of white delphinium...

Also revealed by Us is the name of one of three florists chosen to make the arrangements for the wedding of the decade.  Floral designer Simon Lycett is one of the chosen few.  Mr. Lycett was the florist that supplied the bouquets and other arrangements for the wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla at Windsor in 2005.  There will be white and there will be fragrance. 

Royal Wedding Tid-bit of the day... ever mindful of others, William and Kate will be leaving the floral arrangements in Westminster Abbey so that tourists and visitors will be able to enjoy the flowers and take pictures days after the wedding.  This is a nice thing to do and shows the thoughtfulness of the new royal couple.  They have also listed several charities as recipients of monetary contributions instead of wedding gifts.  Very nice indeed.

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