Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Trees Are Here! Nov. 18, 2009

Just can't believe how fast the holidays seem to be coming this year. The fresh cut trees at the lots appeared today in our area. With the warm weather, I hope they last and stay as fresh as possible.
All of the tree-lot trees in our area are the ever-popular Fraser Firs, making the trip down from North Carolina. The pic here is of a Fraser Fir, at Mother's house, I am going to say in the mid to late '80's. We thought we had arrived when you could get the fragrance of a Balsam with the near perfect and full shape of the Fraser Fir all in one tree.
Now my tastes have turned to a more traditional look in a Christmas tree, so I am not preferring theses bushy trees anymore... not enough open space for the ornaments to hang properly, in my opinion.
That popcorn garland on the tree pictured here is real. It takes a lot of popcorn and lots of patience. Note to the brave who will take on this task.... you can't string popcorn that has been popped in oil, it must be dry popped! It's simply impossible to string the oily buttered popcorn. But, once done it adds the most amazing smell when combined with the fresh tree. Try it if you dare.
Days until we go get our tree...10!

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