Monday, November 16, 2009

I Was Dreaming of a Whte Christams Tree!

Temperatures were in the high '70's here today, so, again, kinda hard to get in the mood for tree decorating. I am hoping for a gradual drop in temps. as the Thanksgiving holiday approaches.
So, when I lived in CA, they would do just about anything to a Christmas tree. The flocking would come in many colors at some tree lots. One year I decided that I was finally going to get a live tree flocked white and use all blue decorations. Here is that very tree, a "pencil" noble fir as we used to call them in the SF, CA floral world. However, the "flockers" went a little overboard and the spray on snow really weighed the branches down. I will have to locate a pic of this tree completely decorated to show you what it looked like finished. Well, they just don't do flocking down here in the south, but, I think that one flocked tree per lifetime is plenty... really.
Days til we go and cut our tree...12! Come on cool weather!

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