Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Big Hair and Vintage Christmas 11/11/09

First off, I hope everyone had an enjoyable Veteran's Day. A big thank you to all those who put themselves in harms way to ensure our freedom.

Next, thanks to all those who visited my blog and left comments concerning the new holiday theme.
So, I don't know if mother is going to smack me for including the picture on the left, but I couldn't resist it. Don't know who that is in the pic on the right, but couldn't resist that on either. It was Christmas in the 60's. It's a two of everything them when you think of it. Two pine Christmas trees, to big hairdos, and two babies, quite identical. The pic on the left with me Mother and Jerry was definitely Christmas of 1966, and judging my the background, again at my grandparents home in Savannah. Those pine trees make right nice little Christmas trees, huh. And, again, lots of old lead icicles right in the reach of the babies!
Strangely enough the Nativity Scene in the pic on the right, the one that I don't know who it is, or where it was taken... is the same kind of Nativity that my grandmother had, and my brother still has...

Cant' resist the dig on the furniture... notice the clear plastic slip cover on the chair in the pic on the right.... gotta love the '60's!

Till tomorrow... Terry.


  1. Love the new direction and the photos. What precious little babies you were. Your dear mother certainly had her hands full!!!

  2. That looks like Marisa in the top photo!