Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Nov. 22, 2009

In just a week the house and halls will be decked-out for the Christmas celebration. The tree pictured here came from a site on the Internet. It's a great tree, the kind I like with long wide spaced branches, plenty of room for the handing ornaments and icicles.

I don't think we will find this sort of tree in our area, at our local Christmas tree farm. But, I am confident that we will find the right tree for us. For the past two years we have selected and cut a Virginia pine. The needles are long, about 3", and the foliage is a dark green with a blue tint. If you have ever seen the movie "A Christmas Story"... who hasn't? Our trees look pretty much like that tree that Ralphie and his family choose from the tree lot. That's the kind of look I have been going for in my trees recently. I like the vintage look of the Christmas trees from the late '30's and the '40's. I use the big C7 ceramic lights, some thin tinsel garland, and lots of lead icicles. However, unlike Ralphie's family, we don't wait until Christmas eve to decorate the tree... yep, we are all about getting things started the Sat. or Sunday after Thanksgiving. When a time is so wonderful and happy as Christmas comes just once a year, I say, why not enjoy it as long as possible. Happy Sunday everyone, and Happy Thanksgiving!

The picture here to the left is another great decorated tree from my childhood home. This one is another of the perfectly shaped and fragrant Fraser Firs. Mother uses a pearl bead garland on her trees that really gives it an elegant and traditional look. And, in this pic, it looks like Santa has already made his visit.
Days til we go get our tree ................... 6!

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