Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November 10, 2009 More Vintage Christmas

As promised, here are a couple of vintage Christmas pics from my own collection. The one on the left, me and my twin brother (should be obvious) Jerry, at my grandparents home in Savannah, GA. I am going to set this picture in the year 1970, so we were approx. 5 years old at the time. Love the tree in this one. I recognize most of the ornaments, some me and my brother still own and use on our own Christmas trees. This was in the day when the most available tree in our area was the good ole Balsam. Kinda skinny and straggly, but very, very fragrant and plenty of hanging room for ornaments. Thanks to Nana's thrifty Depression era spirit, those long heavy lead icicles were used year in and year out. I think they were finally thrown away in 1990 just shortly after Nana passed away and her house was rented. Plus, that's Nana's handwriting at the bottom of the picture letting people know which twin was which.
The second pic is much older and in much graver condition. The pic reads 1949 on the back. Again my grandparents home, but long before they were grandparents. This tree was in the house on Applebee St. in Port Wentworth, GA. Those were the days when tradition and economics drove my grandfather into the swampy woods beside the Savannah River to cut down a small pine tree. It does have some charm, and looks like about 12 lights. The old heavy lead icicles were there then with their sparkle. Looks like Santa was good to the little girls at this house by bringing someone a doll, and someone else a stuffed dog toy. Notice the Nativity Scene, it is still in use to this day at my brother's home in Maryland.
Funny Christmas Story to share... My grandmother, Nana, thought that the nativity was such an important event, that more people should have been in attendance, SO, she bought extra wise men and shepherds for her Nativity Scene. That story makes me laugh every time I think about it!
Thanks for stopping in to my special Holiday version of Flowers for Royal Weddings. Terry.


  1. I love the Christmas slant to the blog. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

  2. Fabulous bubba! I love the pics and the narrative. SSS

  3. Oh my!!! Vintage is a dream! Love the curve in the road you have taken for the Holidays! Fun!