Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nov. 24,2009

Goose Feathers!? yes, these old trees, the first of the artificial trees around. made of delicate yet rigid pin feathers of geese. The feather trees were the ultimate in displays for hanging the most select ornaments. Though the true feather trees are hard to come by these days, some can be found in antique stores or on web-bid sites like e-"you know". But, if you do find one and want to buy it, be prepared to pay extraordinary prices for them. The picture here from the '30's is unusual in that the tree is rather large. The true feather trees I have seen in person are quite small, table top sizes. There are substitutes out there, same shape and size, but made with pvc tree material like the standard artificial trees today.
Days til we go get our tree.................. 5!

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