Saturday, November 28, 2009

ChristmasTree 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!

365 days in the making, waiting for the appointed time, and now the countdown to Christmas Tree 2009 is over. Again this year, it's a masterpiece. We trucked it out to Okatie, SC to our favorite tree farm and tromped the field for about a half hour before finding our tree. From in the house to finished decorating took about 7 hours. To be honest, I got real tired out and left about 1/3 of our ornaments in the boxes. This year's tree is bigger, maybe better than the last two years. The addition of two new boxes of old lead icicles really helped finish it off. Thanks Stan for helping me cut the trunk again when we got home... if anyone needs a gift idea for us... a sharp new saw would be the trick. Enjoy the pics and some more commentary below.

Here is the tree just in the house after the traditional and soul-tyring struggle with the stand. Yeah, it looks a bit wonky now, but I love a tree-challenge, we are much preferring the natural look from the self-chopped tree.

Coming up in this month's blog... some more great pics of Christmases past. Thanks for stopping in. Terry.

7 hours later, and all the finishing touches are in place, except the tree skirt, I notice now. What a great effect the old icicles give the tree.
Nothing says Merry Christmas like shredded lead hanging on pine branches!

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