Monday, January 31, 2011

Lily of the Greek Valley

I heard so many good comments on the recent post about Lily of the Valley.  So, I decided to feature another royal bridal bouquet made completely out of this tiny sweet smelling flower.  In this picture, King Constantine of Greece and Princess Anne-Marie of Denmark.  This royal couple was married in 1964, in Athens, Greece.  Constantine had been king only about six months when they married.  However,  by the year 1974 the monarchy in Greece was abolished.  The King and Queen live in exile in London.  Recently, one of their sons, Prince Nikoloas was married.  The Prince's bride, Tatiana Blatnik, choose Lily of the Valley for her bouquet as well, but also included stephanotis and white freesia.

Royal Wedding Tid-bit of the day... The Greek and Danish royal families have many ties, as do most royal families of Europe.  Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, prior to renouncing his royal titles of birth, was a prince of Green and of Denmark.  Philip gave up his claims to the Greek royal throne when he prepared to become a British subject and marry Princess Elizabeth in November 1947.

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