Monday, January 17, 2011

The Norwegians... the flowers were a sign of the times...

It's not often that we jump to the Nordic nations for our wedding flower analysis.  However, during research I reviewed some photos of the 2001 wedding of Crown Prince Haakon and Mette-Marit of Norway and thought these royal wedding flowers were definitely worth commenting on.  The couple were married on August 25th at Oslow Cathedral.  And, there was some controversy... of course, it's royals getting married, there is usually some controversy.  The bride has a child from a previous relationship.  Many Norwegians, especially in the media felt that Mette didn't make an appropriate bride for a many who will someday be their king.  However, Crown Prince Haakon didn't relent, and asked the media to step back on the negative reporting on the bride's past and her young son.

For me, most interesting here is the choice of flowers.  Some might call the bridal bouquet just plain bizarre.  But, you know what?  I like it.  Yes it's strange, and the flowers are dark, but, I think it shows some interest on the part of the bride in not being the same old thing.  Also, the floral designer here really took some chances... I mean, if I were making the bridal bouquet for the woman who would be the queen of the country some day... I dare say I would have been too afraid of criticism, and not gone forth with such an av ant garde design for the bouquet.  From descriptions I have read, this bridal arrangement consisted of orchids and other small florals affixed by wire and adhesive to a form of willow and moss.  Certainly it's not seen often for weddings, except perhaps in "conceptual" work possibly to be used in design competitions and bridal shows.  This bouquet really shows off the designers imagination and great skill in forming such a mechanically intricate piece.  Again, the bouquet I think is also a reflection of the generate floral trends of the early part of the last decade.  Unusual uses of botanical and natural elements other than flowers was extremely popular nearing the end of the '90's.  After reviewing floral work from European floral designers, I see where the influences come from.  Most floral designers in Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands really moved into using some out of the norm materials and design concepts.  I have even seen a bridal bouquet by a German designer that used a real bird's nest for it's central focus.

At another time before their wedding, Mette-Marit and Haakon posed for this photo above, I see here how the floral designer has kept a similar style them with the flowers, but has adjusted for the setting and wardrobe.  Excellent job Norwegian floral designers!

Royal Wedding Tib-bit of the day... the line of royal succession for the British throne is far reaching.  The royals of Sweden and Norway are also in-line for the most famous royal throne in the world, though, most are far down the list, all due to the marriages abroad into other royal families by Queen Victoria's children and grandchildren.


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