Thursday, January 13, 2011

Another Day Down... Laura Parker-Bowles-Lopes

Great, another day down... in the countdown to the royal wedding of the century.  Yesterday we took a look at Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall's bouquet, from her wedding in 2005.  Of course, she had been married before... she just got tired of waiting for Prince Charles, so she married another guy.  Wondering what Camilla's first bridal bouquet looked like?  Well, here is a picture of Camilla and hubby #1, Andrew Parker-Bowles... the bouquet looks to contain white lilies and Stephanotis.
But, the topic for today's post is Camilla's daughter, Laura.  Laura PB married Harry Lopes, a former Calvin Klein model in 2008.  She had a very simple choice of flowers for her bouquet, all one type of flower, and her choice was Lily of the Valley... and lots of it.  Laura's bouquet was in a cascade shape, and surely was the result of some floral designer going home with terribly aching fingers and hands.  Each spring of L O V has to be individually wired and taped, and with meticulous care, for their stems are very fragile.  I would think that a team of designers and floral shop employees teamed up for the wiring and taping of all these tiny stems, probably to be brought together into one bouquet just hours before the ceremony.  Lily of the Valley, not only fragrant, delicate and pretty, is also difficult to keep fresh once the smaller shoots are cut from the main stem or "pip".  At any rate Laura's bouquet is a lovely one, and well worth the intense labor and technique involved.

Royal Wedding Tid-bit of the day... Westminster Abbey, the venue for William and Kate's wedding has been hosting royal weddings for some time...  the first is believed to have been the wedding of King Henry I and Princess Matilda, formerly Edith, of Scotland.  This first royal wedding in the Abbey took place in the year 1100 on November 11th.  And, Princess Matilda, upon her death, was buried in the Abbey as well.

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